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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of You Can't Kill Stephen King Movie
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You Can't Kill Stephen King (2012)

Ты не можешь убить Стивена Кинга | Ne Možete da Ubijete Stivena Kinga | Ne možete ubiti Stephena Kinga | Shush or Die | スティーヴン・キングは殺せない!?
1h 26min
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The 2012 horror movie You Can't Kill Stephen King is a unique take on the classic horror genre. The movie follows a group of friends as they attempt to survive a night in a cabin in the woods, only to discover that the cabin is haunted by the spirit of Stephen King himself. While the movie is filled with plenty of suspense and scares, it also contains some surprisingly explicit sexual moments.

The movie begins with a group of friends, including the main character, Sarah, arriving at the cabin. As they explore the cabin, they find a book of Stephen King's stories, which they begin to read. As they read, they become increasingly aroused, and soon they are engaging in a variety of sexual activities. The movie does not shy away from showing these moments in explicit detail, with the camera lingering on the characters as they engage in various sexual acts.

The sexual moments in the movie are not just limited to the characters in the cabin. As the movie progresses, it is revealed that Stephen King himself is haunting the cabin, and he is able to manipulate the characters in various ways. This includes using his powers to make the characters engage in sexual activities with each other, as well as with him. These moments are often quite graphic, and the movie does not shy away from showing them in explicit detail.

Overall, You Can't Kill Stephen King is a unique horror movie that contains some surprisingly explicit sexual moments. While these moments may be off-putting to some viewers, they add an interesting layer to the movie and help to make it stand out from other horror films.

Juciy Scenes
 breast, flashes 

There is almost no nudity in this film - just two very brief flashes of bare breasts.

A girl runs screaming through the woods wearing only a crop top and panties.

A porn enthusiast and creepy virgin steals a peek at a well-endowed (but clothed) cleavage. This leads to a discussion about staring at boobs.

 breast, close up 

The girls quickly strip down to their skimpy bikini tops when arriving at the lake. One of them flirts with a man and the camera zooms in on his view of her bikini-clad cleavage. One girl shakes her breasts to the ker-ching sound of a cash register.There are lots of close-up shots of bikini-clad body parts in fact.

A girl removes her bikini top under her clothes and forfeits it to her opponent in a card game. He puts it in his mouth.


Bare breasts are seen briefly on a cell phone image.

During a game characters talk about making out with someone of the same sex, the number of sexual partners they have had, how long they last etc.

A man says he is going to take a leak but one of his friends thinks he is going to "whack off". They listen at the door.

There are unfounded claims that one of the characters likes little boys. He is later referred to as a creepy pedophile.


Two of the girls tongue kiss. There are a couple of boy-girl kisses.

 bath, shower 

We see a girl undressing for the shower. Only her bare shoulders are shown. Her bikini is seen falling to the bathroom floor. Her head, shoulders and feet are seen while showering.


A man is accused of watching her shower but he says he was just taking a leak.


A man sees three girls, one after the other, in the bath. They get out of the bath and embrace the man, but each wears strategically placed flowers to cover nipples and pubic regions.

A clown's bare backside is seen. He flexes his buttock cheeks.


A man admits to reading lots of porn but says it doesn't lead to him having sex with pornstars. A very brief scene of him having sex with a topless pornstar flashes into his brain.

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