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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Hardbodies Movie
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Hardbodies (1984)

Laski | Aventuras no Paraíso | Khosh-haykalha | Curvas peligrosas | Como Conquistar as Garotas | Крепкие тела | Dudavadászok
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1h 28min
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Juciy Scenes

FYI, the whole thing is pretty much about sex. Lots of beach scenes throughout the movie with girls in bikinis or less. Lots of talk thoroughout the film about sex.

 take off 

The entire opening credits sequence is various girls at the beach in bikinis. This includes a few seconds of one girl having her top taken off while playing in the surf.

 penis, breast, couple, sex 

A couple is shown just finishing having sex. The woman's breasts are shown. The man's penis is barely visible from the side as he gets up from the bed. Shortly after, the women's breasts are shown again as she gets dressed.

 topless, breast 

A girl is sunbathing topless laying on her stomach. She sits up and her breasts are seen.

 sex, condom 

A man examines condoms and various small sex toys at a table.

A man lightly grabs a woman's rear when she is not looking.

 breast, undress 

A woman undresses in a dressing room. Her breasts are visisble.


A man and woman embrace on a bed (presumably before having sex). Nothing is shown as there is a cut to the next scene.

A man pretends a vibrator is a microphone for 2 seconds.

 young, touche 

A young man touches a woman on the rear when she walks by (consensual).


A man and woman kiss on couch at a party. He lifts her skirt and her underwear is visible.


In the foreground of a scene, a couple kiss passionately while the storyline continues in the immediate backgound.


While people are dancing at a party, a woman is lifted up and her underwear is visible under her dress.


At a party, one shot shows a woman wearing a yellow dress from above. Her nipple is just visible from this angle, and a man tries to gt a better look.

A man tries to look up the dress of a woman dancing on a table.

 breast, bath 

A woman removes her dress in a bathroom. Her breasts are visible.


A group of women pose for a man taking pictures under the pretense he works for a modeling agency. 5 of the 6 all remove their tops. Thier breasts are visible and this goes on for about 1 min.

 not wearing 

A woman is shown in a tan shirt, and it becomes obvious she is not wearing a bra.

A man is shown in speedo-style gold swimwear.


A woman opens the front of her robe. Beside her, a woman removes her white shirt. Both women's breasts are visible. This last for about 30 seconds.

 breast, young 

Weird 3-second scence depicting a young man with breasts caressing his own body.

A bodybuilder shows off his physique wearing an animal-print speedo.


A woman at a club dances provacatively to attract a man's attention. Shortly after, she is shown removing the top of her swimwear. Her breasts are visible. This lasts for about 10 seconds.


A sequence of quick-cut scenes depicting several couples kissing while standing in the open top of a limo.

 frontal nudity, nudity, naked, sex, oral sex 

A woman is shown naked on a rocky beach. Full back nudity and almost full frontal nudity is shown. Same woman later performs oral sex on a man playing a guitar, but it is below the camera shot.

 breast, nudity, couple, sex 

A couple is depicted having sex on a beach. No nudity. Later, there is a side shot and her breasts are visible.


A couple (fully clothed) grope each other while lying on the beach. Not graphic.

 penis, breast, couple, sex, touche 

A couple embrace in a limo. The woman removes her shirt. Her breasts are visible. The man removes his pants, and the woman touches his penis, but it is below the camera shot. Later, they are shown having sex in the limo. Woman is on top and her breasts are visible as she moans and moves around.


A man grabs a woman from behind as she wades into the water in her underwear. Shot is from a distance, so not much is seen. It is shown that the contact is not consentual. The man backs off.

 nudity, couple, sex 

A couple is depicted having sex inside a sleeping bag. No nudity.


A man is seen naked by his mother.

 nudity, couple, sex 

A couple are found in bed together. It is stated that they had sex during the night. No nudity.

 breast, couple, sex 

A couple get on a waterbed to have sex. Her breasts are shown.

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