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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Slasher Movie
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Slasher (2016)

Slasher: The Executioner | Slasher 2: Guilty Party | Slasher: Os Culpados | Slasher: O Carrasco | Ο Δολοφόνος με το Μαχαίρι | Slasher: Solstice | Hécatombe | Slasher: Solstício | Slasher: Flesh & Blood | Слэшер | Slasher: Le Bourreau | Slasher: Les Coupables
Movie type
1h 0min
Crime, Drama, Horror
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Juciy Scenes
 nudity, sex, first sex 

Sex in the first season is nonviolent, but does show graphic female nudity. Season 2 is more. Season 3 shows public sex in a club.

 couple, sex 

A couple have Sex nothing bad is seen but some noises can be disturbing


A character is raped, hardly seen.

 penis, nudity, sex, teen, threesomes 

Season three really steps up the sex and nudity. Threesomes, male & female homosexual sex, lots of talk about penis size, teenage girl has sex with much of her apartment complex

 breast, nudity, sex, exposed 

Graphic nudity in season 1 sex scene. Season 2 has a sex scene where a woman's breasts are exposed. More nudity in season 3.

 breast, nipple 

Jessica Sipos strips out of her clothes, briefly baring her left breast (and nipple) as she jumps off a dock into the water

 breast, butt, nudity, vulva 

Season 1: A homemade porno movie is shown, female breasts, butt and vulva from behind are shown, no male nudity

 breast, sex 

Mark has sex with a women in a kitchen. He pulls open her shirt briefly revealing her bare breasts and make love with her softly and slowly and she moans

 breast, butt, nudity, skinny dip, naked, nude, sex 

Season 1 has a 'home movie' shown several times which is full of sex which may disturb but only one brief Breast and butt glance, there's a skinny dip scene but her adhesive bra and flesh coloured pants are obvious, and a nude body in a field face up but food covers breasts and groin region so no nudity there either, another scene is an S&M scene with a priest fixed to a cross being whipped by a hired female, he's only naked wasted up but it's a scene that may also disturb - report based on Netflix release Nov 2020

 rear nudity, breast, butt, nudity, sex, shower, rape 

S2 only has mild female nudity with 1 brief breast shot in a quick sex scene, the more severe male nudity is a full length rear nudity shot, and a butt shot whilst being brutally raped by another man, this scene is disturbing as is the follow up shower scene which doesn't have nudity but is graphic and may disturb some viewers

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