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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of American Honey Movie
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American Honey (2016)

2016美國甜心 | Dulzura americana | Amerikos mylimoji | アメリカン・ハニー | Американски мед | Америчка драга | Amerikāņu saldumiņš | Американська крихітка | Docinho da América | Американская милашка
Movie type
2h 43min
Adventure, Drama, Romance
Hotness level

Juciy Scenes

A woman removes a tampon. Very quick, and the action itself isn't actually visible (but the tampon is briefly seen as it's being thrown away).

 nudity, bath, underwear 

Lots of characters (both male and female) are shown at various points in bras, underwear, bathing suits, etc. Some partial nudity due to this.

 sex, shirtless 

Krystal is shown sitting in bed (fully clothed) with a shirtless man. Sex is implied.

 frontal nudity, rear nudity, nudity, naked 

Two male characters engage in a fight outside in the dark, with other characters cheering and encouraging them. One of them is completely naked (it's implied he's drunk). Male full rear and full frontal nudity is seen.

 butt, touche 

A woman gets man to rub suntan lotion on her in front of a second woman. She's wearing a bikini, and the camera follows his hands as he rubs it on, final shot lingering on her buttocks. Man pins woman against a wall while he touches between her legs and smells his fingers.

 breast, shirtless 

A woman opens her hotel door shirtless - breasts are seen for a few seconds. Soon after, she shuts the door and reopens it with an unbuttoned shirt on.

 nudity, couple, sex, hand job, first sex, masturbate 

A couple has sex twice. The first scene takes place inside of a car (1:27:20 - 1:30:06). The second scene takes place outside (1:53:12 - 1:55:57). These scenes are passionate including panting/thrusting/moaning and very realistic, but no explicit nudity is seen, and the scenes are kept relatively short. Woman meets up with man in truck at night. She gives him a handjob (obviously her first time), then spreads her legs for him while he watches and masturbates. No nudity.


A teenage girl and her friends dance suggestively. The girl's mother scolds her for it.

 penis, pubic 

A man pulls his pants down slightly jokingly in front of other men and women. It's very brief, his full penis is seen and some pubic hair is visible, but it's blink and you'll miss it.


Some swear words used in sexual context are heard in rap songs on the soundtrack (d--k, f--k, etc).

 young, teen 

It is implied that a young woman was assaulted by her stepfather. He's shown hugging and dancing with her, then the scene cuts away. While this may go over children's heads, teenagers and adults will likely understand what's happened.

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