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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Spartacus Movie
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Spartacus (2010-2013)

Spartacus: Vengeance | Spartak: Osveta | Spartacus - Elátkozottak háborúja | Спартак: Кров і пісок | Spartak: Krv i pijesak | Spartacus: War of the Damned | Spartacus: Blood and Sand | Spartakus: Zemsta | Σπάρτακος | Спартак: Кровь и песок | Spartacus: A Revolta dos Escravos | Spartacus: A Vingança | Spartacus: veri ja liiv | Spartacus: Sangue e sabbia | Spartak: Qon va qum | Spartakus: Krew i piach | Spartacus: Máu Và Cát | Спартак: Крв и песак | Спартак | 浴血戰士:血與沙 | Spartacus - Bosszú | Spartakus | Spartacus: La vendetta | Spartakas. Kraujas ir smėlis | スパルタカス | Spartakus: Wojna potepionych | Spartak: Rat prokletih | Спартак: Війна проклятих | Spartaküs: Kan ve kum | Спартак: Кръв и пясък | Spartacus: La guerra dei dannati | Спартак: Помста | Spartacus: La Guerre des damnés | Spartacus: Sangue e Arena | Spartacus: Sangre y arena | Spartacus: le sang des gladiateurs | Spartacus: La guerra de los condenados | Spartak: Kri in pesek | Spartacus - Vér és homok | Spartacus: Venganza | Spartacus: Razboiul celor blestemati
Movie type
Action, Adventure, Biography
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Juciy Scenes
 frontal nudity, nudity, genital 

All episodes: Full frontal male and female nudity, although some women wear merkins that cover their genitals, and some men wear prosthetics to cover theirs.

 nudity, lesbian, sex, gay, rape 

All episodes contains sex scenes and nudity, and a few rape scenes and some lesbian and gay sex scenes are there as well.


Despite the fact that action takes place in ancient times, women are shown with shaved armpits and legs. They usually, however, have pubic hair.

 frontal nudity, penis, breast, butt, nudity, vagina 

In almost every episode there is full frontal nudity from both men and women (penises, vaginas, breasts, and buttocks).


There are a lot of sex scenes with thrusting, kissing and moaning.

 penetrating, dildo, orgy 

In an orgy scene, women are shown anally penetrating men using strap-on dildos.


Both men and women are shown being anally raped.


The show contains rape scenes such as Romans raping their slaves. We clearly see the slaves in pain during the rape, this can be disturbing.

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