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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies: Return to Savage Beach Movie
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L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies: Return to Savage Beach (1998)

Return to Savage Beach | Zabójcze ślicznotki: Powrót na Dziką Plażę | Eglima genous thilykou | A szexi csapat: Kincsvadászok | Возвращение на дикий пляж | Regreso a Isla Salvaje
Movie type
1h 38min
Action, Adventure
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Juciy Scenes

The women appear to have negotiated a bulk rate from a surgeon who inserted the largest breast implants their skins could cover. Cheaper by the dozen?

 topless, naked 

Almost every scene in this movie has at least one actor in tight clothing, partially unfastened clothing, or no clothing at all. Most of the actors in major roles are shown topless at some point in the movie, both men and women. Several of the women are shown completely naked, as is one of the men. In two scenes, we see men wearing only skimpy bikini briefs.

 breast, butt, genital, pubic 

We never see genitals or pubic hair in this movie, but we do clearly see bared breasts and buttocks many times.

 breast, butt, swimming, clad 

The opening scene is an underwater shot in the ocean, where we see a swimming woman, clad in a skimpy thong bikini. We see much of her breasts and buttocks in this and subsequent scenes before she changes out of the bikini.

 dress off, shirtless, pubic, not wearing 

A woman is sleeping atop the bedclothes, wearing nothing. We see her get up in a brief, nearly full-frontal shot; only artful posing hides her pubic area. As she slips on a form-fitting dress, we see a bit of her gluteal cleft. She walks into the kitchen where her shirtless man is pouring the morning coffee.

 topless, nipples, dress off, nude, couple, nipple 

The next scene shows a couple in much the same state as the couple in the previous scene: a topless man interacting with his woman, who is wearing a form-fitting dress, stretched tight over her erect nipples. In a later scene, the woman peels off her dress while in her semi-secluded backyard; we see her from the hips up in profile, completely nude.

The next scene opens with a woman facing the camera while halfway through the process of putting on her wetsuit, her bared upper body quite visible as she wiggles her shoulders into the garment and zips it up. Her man enters the scene wearing only a pair of bikini briefs; he also slips into a wetsuit. Both actors leave the wetsuits partially unzipped, showing plenty of cleavage and pecs, respectively.

 breast, butt, shower 

A woman emerges from a hotel shower, toweling off, her breasts clearly visible as she walks toward the camera. As the woman is wearing thong panties, we see her buttocks in the mirror she is walking away from. She slips into a skimpy vinyl outfit that shows midriff, bared arms, and lots of cleavage. She bends over several times in this and later scenes, giving the camera good looks down her cleavage.

 topless, breast, nipples, nipple 

A woman in a topless club pole dances while wearing a bikini, her nipples clearly visible through the top's fabric. She soon removes her top, then proceeds to squeeze and wiggle her breasts.

This only takes us about a third the way through the movie. The rest of the movie follows the same pattern: in nearly every scene, at least one person is displaying rather more skin than is typically shown in a mainstream movie.

 nudity, nude, sex, pubic, intercourse 

There is only one scene following this point that expands the scope of nudity and sex as seen in the movie to this point. In a fireside lovemaking scene, we see a man and a woman completely nude, mostly in profile and from behind, but careful camera work, artful posing, and precise control of the shadows allows some partial turns toward the camera without displaying any pubic areas. The scene progresses from kissing and caressing to the thrusts of faux intercourse.

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