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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Van Wilder: Freshman Year Movie
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Van Wilder: Freshman Year (2009)

Король вечірок 3 | Party Animals 3 - Willkommen auf der Uni | Niente regole: siamo al college | Parti manijak 3 | Van Wilder 3: La Première Année de Fac | Van Wilder 3 | O dono da festa 3 | National Lampoon's Van Wilder 3 | Король вечеринок 3 | Βαν Γουάιλντερ: Τα Χρόνια της Νιότης | O Dono da Festa: A Vez dos Calouros | वैन वाइल्डर: फ्रेशमैन ईयर | Van Wilder: Ta hronia tis niotis | Wieczny student 3 | Buliszerviz 3: A gólyák éve
Movie type
1h 38min
Comedy, Romance
Hotness level

Juciy Scenes

Tons of double entendres and sexual talk.

 sex, oral sex 

A woman performs oral sex on a man under his graduation gown. We see him pushing her head with his hands until he climaxes in her mouth (we see her get up and wipe her lips).

 pubic, magazine 

A man looks at a Playpen porn magazine and says "Girls used to have hair?" (meaning pubic hair).

 topless, dildo 

Montage of women using vibrators and dildos (one of them is topless) and men stealing the vibrators and dildos.


Some vibrators are taped under a church pew and turned on. The women sitting in the pew can be heard having orgasms.


Some women are seen topless in a locker room.

Cheerleaders outfits are cut until they are very skimpy.


Some topless women and women kissing each other are seen at a party.

A dog's huge testicles are seen.

Two women make out.


Some demonstrations of different sex positions in a sex ed class.

 topless, breast 

A topless woman's breasts are grabbed by a man.


A woman shoots food out of her vagina (offscreen).

 nude, underwear, masturbating 

A nude man is seen masturbating (his underwear is pulled down to his knees and blocks anything graphic from being seen).

 penis, butt, erection 

We see a man with an erection under his towel. A woman spreads some peanut butter on his penis and a dog licks it off.


A man stands up in a tub and we see his butt.

 breast, nude, sex, masturbate 

A man has sex from behind a woman (they are both nude and we see her breasts). He climaxes inside her and the woman asks him for his gun (implying that she is going to masturbate with it).


We see some topless women and women making out at a party.

 breast, take off 

Some women take their tops off and we see their breasts.

A dog humps a man's leg then rests his testicles on the man's face.

 erection, underwear 

Two men are tied up in their underwear to each other. The man in back says he is getting an erection and we hear the man in front getting penetrated.

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