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Juicy moments in feature films
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Cover Of Shocking Asia III: After Dark Movie
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Shocking Asia III: After Dark (1996)

Sokusící Asie 3 - Po setmení | Шокирующая Азия 3 | Faces da Aberração | Shocking Asia III
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1h 42min
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 nudity, sex 

This list refers to the scenes of sex and nudity as they appear in the uncut version, which runs for nearly 2 hours. Pretty much of these scenes are very explicit, and make this film look like a pornographic film.

The opening scene shows several female dancer wearing a somewhat revealing outfit.

Lots of women wear very little and revealing clothings while dancing on a street in Tokyo. This scene is very long.


The narrator says about how much money Japanese people spend on sex.


A scene takes place inside a shop, where we see clothings, videotapes and stuff related to sex and fetishes.

 take off 

A man takes a picture of a schoolgirl, who's panty is visible under her skirt. The same girl takes off her panty, gives it to the man and makes some moaning on a microphone.

When a Japanese girl sings karaoke upside down, her panty can clearly be seen.


There is a segment dealing with groping on trains. A man is molesting a girl, until he gets a smack on his hand.

 breast, sex, oral sex 

A man chooses a woman and a subway scenario. The man molestes the choosen woman (resulting with breasts getting visible) and makes her to perform oral sex on him. The oral sex itself isn't clearly shown.


The narrator speaks about various sexual fantasies, like having sex on the backseat inside a car.


A woman pees on a man who's hiding under a toilet seat. Her vagina can be seen.


A sequence takes place inside an adult toy shop, where we see lots of sex toys and bondage-related items.

 breast, gay 

According to the narrator, a Japanese woman at a white room speaks out about stuff like "breast implantation", "gays" and "people dressed up as women".

 take off, nudity 

Inside a night club, a woman takes off her clothes to reveal her nudity.

 breast, nude 

Several women open their morning robes and reveal their breasts during a comedic show. In an another show, women are shown almost completely nude, with their breasts visible.

 penis, nude, sex, anal sex 

A male costumer picks a woman by looking at nude photos, and has sex with the choosen woman. His penis can barely be seen from a distance for a few seconds. At the end, the woman performs anal sex on the man.

 breast, breast feeding, breastfeed 

Two women breastfeed their babies. A woman is breastfeeding first one, then two piglets.


After lots of monkey finish eating food, two monkeys end up having doggy-style sex.


Several partially nude girls dance suggestively in front of other people.

 penis, anus 

A woman performs a fortune telling of a man's anus. The man's penis can barely be seen after the man has been asked to bend over.

A scene takes place inside a meeting place of transvestites.

Several men are crossdressing as women.


Some transvestites are mentioned to have sexual needs, and to have costumers to pay for sex with them.


It is mentioned that 3 out of 4 Japanese schoolgirls think of sex as being okay, as long they have protection.

A bondage scene featuring a pregnant woman is being filmed.

Several men are bare chested during the "spiritual tattoo" scene.

 penis, breast, vagina, close up 

Breasts and a few penises can be seen during the scene with body piercing. One woman's vagina can clearly be seen in close up a few times.

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